Originally formed in 1912, the Richner family business began with Richner Hardware in Cleveland, Ohio and was founded by Charles Richner and his sons. They spent seven years in Cleveland before Charles moved his family to Twinsburg, Ohio in 1919 where he bought a tin shop, doubled the size of the building, and opened Richner Hardware in its new home in 1920.  Originally carrying such stock as tires, batteries, feed, and a full line of horse-drawn farm machinery, it was also one of only two gas stations in Twinsburg at the time.  It’s no surprise that it wasn’t long before Richner Hardware was a thriving local business and a valuable part of the Twinsburg community. 

Over the years, the hardware store grew with the community around it, meeting the ever-changing needs of its neighbors.  By the 1950’s, Richner Hardware carried a large stock selection ranging from household items to sports equipment to small appliances.  In the 1960’s Larry Richner, Charles’ nephew, took over the business.  As the needs of the community changed, so too did it’s beloved hardware store.  Richner Hardware had become the place to go for your plumbing, heating, and general home repair needs.

In 1970, Richner became Richner Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, joining the Carrier family and opening the business to new opportunities.  In 1976, Larry sold the company to a family member and moved his wife, Nancy, and four children from Twinsburg, Ohio to Boulder City, Nevada where the family business found a new home as a partnership, Shamo-Richner Air Conditioning.  In 1978, Shamo-Richner Air Conditioning became Richner Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating; this new branch of Richner would come to be incorporated in 1987.

When Larry and Nancy retired in 1998, their children took over the family business.  Two of their sons, David and Dean, carried on the Richner legacy with Dean taking over the Boulder City business and David leaving in 2002 to start Richner Heating and Air Conditioning in Oregon. 

As a small town company from its’ very roots, the Richner family has been deeply embedded in the local community, both personally and professionally.  Richner continues to be family owned and operated, dedicating their service to their neighbors as just another way to give back to the community that has helped them for over four decades.  For over 40 years, the Richner family has lived where they work, remaining close to their community and striving to maintain a level of quality and integrity you can only find in hometown businesses.